Happy New Year & thank you x

Just wanted to wish everyone a very happy new year.

This year has been particulary tough for all of us & I have to say that without all of you ladies I really dont know what I would do with myself half the time and am so thankful to have you all there for the giggles & the good times & the support through our darkest hours.

So a big thank you to each & everyone of you for your endless love & support you have all been there every step of the way & those who have gone on have never forgotten us & check in to see how we are all doing.

And secondly I really pray that 2010 we are all blessed with health, love & our much longed for bundles of joy cause god knows we deserve them.

Happy New Year & as we say bring it on 2010 official sponser of The Year Of The Baby.



  • Right backatya Laura! I agree with every word, and thanx from me to all you other lovelies too.
  • Happy New Year to You too Laujai
    and all the wonderful ladies on here.
    May 2010 be happy & healthy for all of you
    and I pray that God blesses you all with the babies you long for.
    Loads of love to all
    nettie xxx
  • Happy new year everyone, you've been fabulous in supporting me and when I've been feeling down and/or needing to rant!

    Good luck to you all for our sticky beans in 2010, and when we get to say happy new year for 2011, we'll be saying it in pregnancy/baby instead!

    Sending lots of hugs

  • awww what a lovely post! Happy New Year to you and everyone here, I am still a little shocked how lovely each and everyone of you are and how much support and kindness there is in this section, it really is wonderful!

    Here's to 2010 and the year we all experience that unimaginable joy of being a mummy xx
  • What a lovely post! I totally agree with you. I just don't know how I would have got through the last three months without all you lovely ladies. Really hope we all finish this year in either the pregnancy or baby forum!!

    Here's to The Year of the Baby!
  • I love this forum I really do!

    I don't know how I would have coped without you all and am so glad I found you all.

    I'm raising my green tea to year of the baby for one and all! x x x
  • Happy new year everyone!!!

    Wishing all of you the very best for 2010 image

    Lots of pma and sticky baby dust to you all.

    Like everyone says without this forum life would be unbearable at times and very lonely. Its nice that we can all support each other in our times of need even when we are lucky enough to graduate out of here to preg or due in...

    Big hugs and love to everyone xxx
  • Happy new year to all, i hope it brings us all a HUGE amount of luck - we all deserve it!!

    Thank you to all you lovely ladies who have been a massive help to me when i have needed it most!

    Jodie xx
  • what a lovely thread!!!!

    you have all been fantastic and helped me so so much. thank you

    here's to a much more positive 2010 for us all and lots and lots of baby dust!!!!!

    x x x
  • Happy New Year Laujau and to all you lovely and very special ladies on this forum. Thank God for you all as you have all helped me soooo much even tho i dont post all that often . Truly hope that we all get our BFPs very soon. Lots of love and babydust x x x xSenga
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