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Can anyone see the faint line…bit confused

Today is my period due date…and I have light pain in uterus and little back pain as well. Can anyone help me what this faint line means.


  • I see it, test again tomorrow with FMU. Fingers crossed it’s a clearer BFP! 
  • Hi thanks for the response. In this case Is it normal to get little pains like light period cramps and little back pain.
  • Hey, I’m new to this, hope it’s not rude to hop in on your conversation ( I definitely see two lines on your test btw) 
    Im 10 days past ovulation, I just took a first response. I swear I see a super faint line, can anyone else tell me if they see this? I’m over here wondering if I’m crazy. 
  • I’m definitely crazy
  • Hi, I am on the same boat but I can see super faint line, I will check mine in 1hr 
    finger crossed for us 🤞🏻.
  • I am on 15dpo and it is still faint….how do I consider this as positive or negative…anyone your advise would be really helpful…thank in advance
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