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Ovulation confusion ๐Ÿ˜•

Hi I'm new here. So I'm looking for some advice. Basically, I always know when I have ovulated as I get that lovely side pain, but this time I'm questioning it. I have always assumed the pain starts when I release the egg (in that moment) but from my calculation 4dpo, I had spotting and cramp and the cramp continued the next day. Now if this was implantation surely if would be too early to implant. So my main question is could I have ovulated before the pain starts or am I right in saying the pain starts when the egg is released. Of course I'm not saying I had implantation bleeding it could be something else but I have had no issues since that 1 day with spotting. Light pink/brown. I don't track any other way and my periods are irregular. One month its 33 days then next it's 42. But I have always been pretty sure of ovulation and my luteal phase. Tia for any suggestions / adviceย 


  • Poca92Poca92 Regular
    edited Feb 20, 2022 3:23AM
    @Thingswegothrough ovulation pain can happen before, during or after ovulation. There is no way to know for the sure. The best way to verify ovulation is to take your basal body temperature throughout your cycle. Also, it is possible to have slight spotting when ovulating though it is not common.
  • Hi guys, thank you for your advice, I thought I would update you turns out it was inplantation ๐Ÿฅฐ got my bfp this evening. I have been very tired the past 3 days and peeing more often. Only symptoms I have had along with the brief spotting and cramps. I'm going to take a guess that my pain probably comes after ovulation. Sending you all love and luck xxx
  • @Thingswegothrough congratulations
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