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Bad ovulation cramps and never having sore breasts but now

Hi! TTC for few months, nothing but one early MC last month. Ovulated 14th. this month with TONNES of ovulation pains on right side, I couldn't even stand up or walk in couple hours. Never having O pains like this, usually like period cramping but only on one side. I'm trying to keep my hopes up and think that's a sign of some kind of huge super effectife ovulation lol. :smiley: Also have been thinking if that's even normal or normal after early MC, it felt SO different. Started maca powder in this cycle so tought like omg this powder is pretty effective.

I never have sore breasts in any stage of cycle, very rarely even tender for rough touching. Running down the stairs and being like ouch ouch ouch every step is not something I experience. This cycle I woke up with terrible painful nipples and weird, calm feeling that I am PG at 1dpo, feels like there is a broken bone inside the nipple lol. Now 8dpo and the tenderness is still here, not as bad as earlier but still here if I touch them. Also feeling thirsty, weeing like two times a hour, tired, sneezing randomly, bad gas (sorry TMI) and very weird on and off constipation. 

So has anyone have usually zero breast tenderness but then having it and having bfp? 
Trying not to symptom spot but having that feeling of pregnancy from the very next day from ovulation so maybe I'm trying to prove myself that I'm not insane with this feeling. AF due next tuesday. 

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