FAO 3054

hey hunni, just wondered how you are getting on and if you have any updates on if this is your bfp!?
hope you are ok, i keep nipping on to check on you and a few of my other buddies!!!


  • Sorry for delay..... I have been away for five nights in Prague. The break did me the world or good. Still no change fir me, I am 10 days late no sign of AF at all...... I have not had hardly any symptoms though, been really bloated and constipated all week, walking round Prague I looked six months pregnant!!!! But I am putting this down to the flight.... Been eating a lot and boobs feel a little bigger and heavier..... Although think I have just convinced myself about that.... Boobs don't hurt, no sickness, no funny taste etc etc...... I last tested on Monday morning at five days late and BFN so don't think I am pregnant but I have never been irregular and got a smiley face on CD20 so thought I was having some sort if normal cycle........ My sil was four weeks late before she got a bfp!!!!! Wish I didn't know that as it is keeping my hopes alive, just wish I knew either way!!!!!

    Thank you so much for asking about me. How you doing, when do you get your test results back?
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