Taking a break by the look of things!

Hi Ladies,

Just wanted to let you all know that we are now taking a break from ttc.

It looks like my AF arrived this morning (6 days early - the cow), but it's only very light so I was kind of hoping it could be implantation, but I really don't think it is.

As some of you no my pregnancy in March was unplanned but we were still over the moon when we found out but sadly it ended in a mmc at 6 weeks - the reality is my baby was probably already gone when I got my BFP. :cry:

My OH and I are getting married in June next year and have decided it's time to take a break, as I really don't want to be a heavily pregnant bride, and knowing my luck I would 'pop' on my wedding day! (Can you imagine how hilarious that would be for our guests!:lolimage. Although if Take That are anywhere near us on 25th June next year, my wedding guests will be partying on there own anyway :lol:.

So unfortunately and as much as it breaks my heart, we are now taking a break until Feb / March next year. Was thinking about trying to talk OH in trying again this month but I really don't think he will! :roll:

I wanted to thank you all for your support since my mmc in March, without you all I would of been lost as your the only people that understand. I wish you all, all the luck in the world getting your extra sticky BFP's! I will pop in now and again and keep an eye out for all your BFP's and BA's!

Lots of Love



  • Emma...I wish you every luck with the wedding and ttc in the future....perhaps you'll conceive a honeymoon baby? or start to ttc just before the wedding so you won't be showing on the wedding day? I think it would be nice to be 12 weeks and announce it at the wedding if you felt safe to do so.
    Anyway...once again Emma...do take care
    Sue xx
  • Thanks Sue image

    The wedding announcement is my plan - but as you know it's the getting pregnant that's the hard bit. lol

    Being so niave I really did think I would get pg straight away after mmc but here I am 4 months down the line - just my bloody luck! haha

  • good luck for the wedding! ............and you never know if your bust concentrating on that and not on ttc it will probably just happen as a lovely suprise!!

    i had a mc in april and have just found out im expecting again ......a big suprise as we only did it the once this month..................so you never know suprises do happen!

    lots of luck
  • Hey Emma,
    Just wanted to wish you all the luck for the future and I sure hope you get your BFP to annouce on your wedding day.

    Enjoy the Wedding planning - I miss it sooo much image

    Good luck sweets
  • Sorry to see you go but wish you loads of luck for your wedding and future... hope you get to make that annoucement at the wedding!

    Best wishes xxx
  • Lots of luck for your wedding day chick..... I think your decision is the right one.
    Lots of babydust for the future


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