Yay - got my BFN..which is positive if you see what I mean!

Morning ladies - I'm 2 weeks on from my ERPC today and tested this morning and got BFN which means my body is getting back to normal. In fact I may have got BFN earlier in the week if I tested as haven't tested since last Saturday. We also B'D this morning for the first time since my scan almost 3 weeks ago telling me I'd had a MMC, and have had no bleeding as a result so hoping my body is getting back to 'normal'. I've decided to just let nature take its course regarding ttc before or after AF and if my body is ready then it is and if its not then I won't get BFP- I'm trying very hard to not get obsessed by it all - but I know that in a week or two from now I may well be symptom spotting in hope!

Think this website makes me more obsessed but equally it does keep me sane and seeing other ladies a few weeks further ahead of me getting BFP's gives me lots of hope.

Anyways- hope you all enjoy the sunny weekend! image

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  • Congratulations hun! Lol!

    You can close that episode on your life now and look forward. That's how I saw it anyway!

    Hope you get your bfp soon image

    Lots of love
  • Sparkles i feel like we at the same satge every step of the way...
    Lets hope we both get some good news soon

    Keep me updated chick
  • Good news your body is getting back ro normal. I too suffered a mmc in March this year and we are actively TTC again. Keep us updated and sending you lots of baby dust sweet. Zxx
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