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TTC after Ectopic?

Has anyone got any experience in TTC after an ectopic? 

I found out on the 23rd of November 2021 I was pregnant - finally - and eventually with a sticky baby. I had some bleeding a week after AF was due but it only lasted 3 days. My betas rose sub-optimally and ultrasounds showed nothing concerning, nothing was seen or visible.

Eventually I ended up with the diagnosis of an Ectopic and was given Methotrexate on the 30th of December 2021 to end the pregnancy, before a rupture happened. As the world celebrated the holidays, I was enduring the worst thing I have been through. 

Methotrexate depletes your bodies folate levels which is harmful to TTC straight away. If you have one shot (I did) then you can't TTC for 3 months. I am currently 12DPO of my first real cycle since. AF is due today and we have been given the all clear to proceed, I have worked incredibly hard to eat the right things and get my folate levels back to where they were. 

Just wanting to make friends with people who have been through similar, how long did it take you to TTC after your ectopic, how did you manage and cope? 

Thanks in advance, Baby Dust to all. 


  • Hi 🙂 
    Iv had one healthy pregnancy with my DD and 3 losses, the last one being an ectopic late October/November! I too had 1 shot the methotrexate and this is our first month ttc again, Iv just had my ovulation! 
    I can’t answer your question on how long it took to fall again as it’s not yet happened but With previous pregnancy’s it’s taken us around 3 months, so I’m trying to stay hopeful but it’s scarey! It’s always in the back of mind about it happening again 😢 
  • Me I just did an operation for ectopic pregnancy and this is the 3rd months have be trying to conceive ,I don't no what to use to make me conceive quickly
  • Hi, I feel like I could have written this myself. I found out I was pregnant on 1st December (after trying for over a year) and then started bleeding and went for scan and tests. I had the same medication and had to go to hospital on Christmas day to have bloods taken. So I feel your pain about going through that while everyone is enjoying the holidays. Luckily I had my little boy who's 2 to distract me from it a bit. We are trying again after 3 months off. I am doing the urine ovulation tests twice a day to try and improve our chances.  Fingers crossed to you for your journey. 
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