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Arghhhh confused! CD29

So I'm on CD29 today, officially one day late for period (I'm usually regular as clockwork), I did a FRER test this morning and saw a faint line (within 5 minutes) but it didn't have any colour to it, and then after a while, it kind of disappeared which was slightly disheartening! I've then taken a few cheap Poundland tests, as I've heard they are 10miul sensitivity? and the same things happened again, I feel like I've been seeing things in the first few mins, and then when I go back to it, it's either gone or I've got to squint to see it!

I know this is a common issue with a lot of us ttc, but surely if I am already technically late, I'd have a blazing BFP by now?! It's making me go crazy. It's unlikely for me to have a longer cycle as I've been between 25-27 day cycles for years and years. But who knows!

I've been having odd symptoms, tender boobs, a few crampy twinges and a nagging lower back ache, almost like cramp but in my back (this is the only symptom that has stood out for me so far) 

Sorry for waffling on, just hoping someone was in the same boat as me!xxxx


  • Hi my friend didn’t get a strong positive until she was 2 weeks late! Everyone is different, with a good healthy pregnancy your hcg doubles every 48hours so testing then should  give you a darker line, good luck 
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