When can I try again??

Hi everyone,

Ive just miscarried at 7 weeks, I am completley devestated. I just want to be pregnant again. I need the future I had planned. I dont want to wait 3 months. Please has anyone fell pregnant pretty much straight away? xxxxxxx


  • Hi sweets
    I am so sorry that you are going through this. You are in good company here tho as the girls on here are fab .
    Me personally I started TTC straight after mc, it didnt happen and it sent me a little bit crazy ( i was constantly in the supermarket buying tests and getting into a state when they were negative! ) I am still trying but trying to be a little more calm about it.
    The doctors say to wait I think for dating purposes but I think its a personal choice. If you and your OH are ready then you should go for it . Please remember to take some time out for yourself though as you and your body have been through alot.

    Good Luck with whatever you decide and you know where us girls are if you need us.

    Bubs xxxxxx
  • Thanks Bubs,
    I suppose i am greiving and I hate the whole "cleaning out" process which is causing me so much stress when going to the toilet.
    I wanted this baby so much and by being told in the morning that everything was fine and feeling great then a couple of hours later being told it has gone just sent me crashing down. I think I will try again as soon as its safe to do so xx
  • I was told to wait til 1st AF after mc but i'm too impatient and we started as soon as the bleeding had stopped.

    I had an internal scan to make sure everything was back to normal and they did a blood test to check my hormone levels had gone down and then they asked me to do a pg test a week later to check that it did say negative and then once i knew that i was happy to start again.

    Sending you virtual hugs xx
  • Really sorry you have had to join us. We all know how you are feeling.

    I mc 5 wks ago now and I should have been 7 weeks. Me and my partner decided not to wait and to start trying for a baby straight away.

    I asked at the EPU and was told that I could try whenever I felt ready too, they said some ppl wait 6 months, some 3 months, the advise to wait one month but I was told by Midwife that the reason they say that is for dating.

    I stopped bleeding after about 6 days and as soon as I stopped bleeding we started trying, I had a natural MC and had negative preg test about 2 and a half wks after I lost the baby.

    I am not just waiting to see if AF arrives, but I am hoping it doesnt. This will be my first cycle.

    It will get easier I promise.

  • Thanks everyone, As soon as I stop bleeding I will try, I wont wait, I dont want too. I just want that BFP again. If I tested now I presume it would still say pregnant? When should I test? I will be gutted to see a negative but at leat that will give me the go ahead to try again? xx
  • I tested a few times and its prob be best to test with a clear blue digital as sometimes its hard to see the lines on the other ones. I prob tested about 2 wks after and still said pregnant its was 2 and a half wks later I final got not pregnant. I was happy as my body was back to normal but sad as I didnt want to be not pregnant, but I keep telling myself these things happen for a reason.

    I really will get easier, I am 5 wks now and I am still waiting for my AF to arrive, I did a cheap preg test last night and it was negative, so I dont think we have been lucky this month image. But will keep going.

    Hope your okay.

    Suze x
  • Hey hun sorry you found yourself in here!
    Its awful i miscarried twins at 12 weeks and i was devastated as well but like you wanted to try straight away! Didnt catch the first cycle but 2nd month now and no period so far so heres hoping lol Good luck whatever you decide xxx
  • Hi guys, I just wanted to give u all a bit of hope as I M/C in Nov 09 n was devastated but started trying again after bleeding had stopped. found out end of Dec I was 6 wks preg. Now 23 wks n over the moon. Although I will say im completely paranoid n I am having to b monitored but really the right time is when u r ready. Wish u all the luck in the world. Will b keeping my fingers crossed for u all x
  • Hi Jen, so sorry to hear your news. I don't think there is any written rule, just whenever you feel ready, physically and emotionally. From my own personal experience, after suffering a mmc, I have just waited till my first AF before trying again, which has been and gone. Take care. Zxx
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