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Anovulatory cycle? CD44, BFN, no sign of AF

hi girls! I'm new to this forum. 
My husband and I have been trying to conceive since I got my IUD taken out in September. We haven't had any luck yet. 
I think this cycle is my first anovulatory cycle but I want your opinions! I'm 2 weeks late and last BFN I got was Tuesday. I don't feel pregnant nor do I feel like my period is coming. I didn't track ovulation and don't know when I normally ovulate. My cycles have been all over the place since I got my IUD out.. I went almost 4 months without having a period, then had a 33 day cycle (my period last a 8 days this cycle),  and then had a 22 day cycle (my period lasted 2 weeks this cycle!). I just started taking vitex and myo inositol so hopefully that'll help regulate and hopefully ovulate. I only bled once after sex since my period has been due and I thought it was going to be the start to my period but it wasn't.
Does this sound like an anovulatory cycle? 


  • @ttcfirstbaby I hope you are doing okay and arent too stressed. Cycles can be all over the place once you come off birth control. I know that vitex can also disrupt cycles too. It may be a good idea to try and use some cheap ovulation tests and if you look up taking your 'bbt' or basal body temperature, this can be a good way to get a handle on what your cycles are like. I know how frustrating it can be waiting for things to regulate. It can take around 6 months for some people. It was 3 for me when I came of the pill. 

    You shouldn't ever bleed after sex so I would definitely conact the gp about that. 

    Hope things settle for you soon xx

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