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Has anyone used the clear blue ovulation digital tests? I had my static smiley and I've had sex etc. Was just wondering if people used these and how reliable they are.. or how long it took people to fall pregnant 2nd time round? 


  • Hi! I'm using the 4 day Clearblue ovulation sticks. (4 months ongoing) You need to use them with the first wee of the day to get a good reading. This month I had no smiles and one morning peak! No high results 🤦‍♀️ I'm now 4 days post ovulation. Holding out until Friday to test but it's killing me!
  • I am using them too. Onto cycle 4 for baby 2. I had a Peak smiley two days ago 🤞
  • Hey everyone! How are you guys? I'm actually using one I got from Amazon a few months ago and I've always been disappointed. I tried using it a few days ago and got two bright lines 2 days in a row🤞My baby is about to be 3 and it's sad watching her being lonely all the times. We've been trying for a while now so I hope she can have her sibling this year for sure. All the best to you guys.
  • I don't think it's worked this month again for us, this is our 2nd month trying. I'm did a test about 7 days post ovulation but negative. So I'm just waiting now to see if I come on next week or not. Let's hope not 😔
  • @TTC202203 I hope you guys are lucky this time around. Baby dust to you 
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