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Test result confusion...

Hi, new here so hope this is done correctly!
I am 14DPO today, 2 days ago I had vfl on 2 x CB standard tests. I wondered if they were evaps as thin lines but were easily within the 3 mins.
Then yesterday, I had a BFP on a CB Digital.
This morning, I had a negative on a CB Digital and a CB standard :(
Can a chemical really change the result that quickly (no bleeding or cramping yet) or could the negatives today be wrong? So confused, we are trying for our first and I have irregular cycles so this is really hard.
Thanks in advance for any advice/experience you can give!


  • Hi Sunshine08 I’m having a similar issue had two positive results on first response tests yesterday and negative today. I had a chemical pregnancy last month and took about a week for the lines to fade so I can’t understand them disappearing over night this time doesn’t make sense. Hopefully someone here has been in a similar situation with a positive outcome 🤞🏼🤞🏼 
    Fingers crossed for you ❤️ 
  • I'd test again..... Could be false negatives or false positives.....I had a chemical mc n it took quite a few days to go negative
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