off to the docs again today

hey ladies, firstly i want to thank you all for your many kind and thoughtful words on my previous post, its so nice to no that people care so thankyou.
i am going back to the doctors at 5 today. i think he is going to refer me for an early scan, not sure why tho, i guess its to make sure my bean has gone image
not really looking forward to going as the thought of being told again just ruins me, its not as tho i will be able to get it over and done with today tho, of even this week its just going to drag all of this pain out.
i also wish i would stop holding on to hope that i no deep down is silly. my bleeding has caused me no pain nor has there been any clots, its not the same as before, which makes me think my bean may have hung in there when in reality i no this is very very very unlikley. keep thinking why dont i go and buy a test just to check, but i no what it will say so its not going to make me feel any better.
someone please slap some sence in to me and tell me to get a grip!!!!!!!


  • aw hun, i know exactly how you feel having to have scans after a mc, i had one 2 weeks after and another just b4 xmas, lots of people do have bleeding in pg and sometimes lots, if you've had no clots you never know, fingers crossed for you hun, make sure you take along oh or a friend for some support. xx
  • 2 weeks after? god that is a long wait isnt it, i was hoping it wouldnt take that long, just wanna get it over and done with to be honest. do u mind me askng how far gone you were?? xx
  • good luck hun, be thinking of you xx

  • Sally,

    Again I know how you feel...however, I don't want to get your hopes up but my bleeding has been full of clots and I have had pain too-sounds very different to you. I had it confirmed yesterday that bean has gone.

    I really really hope yours is still hanging in there-let us know how you get on chick,

  • Hey Sally,

    Dunno if this will help but in my last pregnancy, i had loads of bleeding, but no pain.... had to go into A+E on several occasions and did 2 private scans. However at the time, baby was ok with a strong heartbeat....
    Pregnancy eventually ended in a mmc - though i wish i had done more (not sure what) ...
    Like i said, not sure if it'll help but wishing you you the best!! Will be looking out for your update!

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