Silly Game

Ok from the discussion on the Nov thread I as trying to think up a good way to do this guessing game on what we look like so I have come up with a plan.

Answer the ones you wish too & add yourself & say if you think the answers people give are true or false, if false give the answer you think & then we can reply & say how well everyone has done.

Example. Laujai
Hair Colour/length/type: Dark brown mid length straight hair - True/False
Eye Colour: Green - True/False
Height (tall/medium/short: Medium - True/False
Facial Features: none True - False

Thought of some more

Facial features i.e. beauty spot, freckles, dimples etc
Hair: Straight, Wavy, Curly

If you wana add anything extra then go ahead, (does it make sense??)


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  • sounds like fun girls! heres mine:
    hair-short TorF
    hieght-tall TorF
    eyes-brown TorF

    good luck as im pretty new here and some of you dont knw me well image

    laujai i think for yours its F,T,T
  • oohh YAY!

    Laujai - T, F, T, T ?

    Gussie - F, T, T?

    Ok, me!

    Hair - med brown - T or F?
    - short - T or F?
    - straight - T or F?
    eyes - blue - T or F?
    height - 5'2 - T or F?


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  • Hi Girls

    I've added to more things on the main post & im gona wait to answer if mine are T or F.

    Gussie T, F, T
    Rocky T, T, T, F, T

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  • you missed one of mine Laujai! lol, i added to yours too and added an extra one to mine , i agree think we should hold out the answers til we've all had a go and then we could post our own answers so we can check what we thought! xx
  • Hello!!

    Laujai- F,F,F,T

    Gussie- T,F,T,

    Rocky- T,F,F,F,T

    Now me:
    Hair: Blonde t/f
    Type: Straight t/f
    Length:Short t/f
    Height: 5'7 t/f
    Eyes: Blue t/f

    Godd luck!! xx
  • ooohh MRsPies i think, F, F, T, F T xx
  • Mrs Pies I think T, T, F, F, T xx
  • ooh this is tricky, I had to get pen and paper to keep up with it all.
    here are my guesses:

    Laujai FTTF
    gussie TFT (if only I'd asked you what you looked like in our emails, silly me only asking pg and family questionsimage
    Rocky TFFFT
    MrsP TTTFT

    ok here goes mine:
    brown hair T or F?
    short hair T or F?
    brown eyes T or F?
    tall T or F?
    1 tattoo T or F?

    This is fun!!

  • Crikey, this is hard to keep up with!

    Laujai TTTF - how can you have no facial features lol!
    gussie FTF
    Rocky TFFFT
    MrsP TFFTT
    Gemgems TTTFT

    right, my turn:
    brown hair T or F?
    Curly hair T or F?
    Green eyes T or F?
    Tall T or F?
    Really nice feet T or F?

  • ooooo this is cool! And complicated!

    My guesses are:
    Laujai: T T F F
    Gussie: F T F
    Rocky: F T T F T
    Mrs Pies: T T F T T
    Gemsgems: T T T T F (tats seem to be addictive so I think you have more than 1!)
    Lottie: F T T F T

    Here are mine:
    Hair: short spiky and red
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: Tall by Welsh standards, but average in this here England
    Facial features: Freckles and glasses
  • ooohhh my pen and paper got raided too!

    Gem - T,F,T,T,T

    L+N - F, T, T, F, F

    M&S - F, T, T, F

    I agree about the tatoo's! i have 3 and getting the one on my back finished soon hopefully, though would much rather a BFP so i don't mind holding it off!!!! it looks done as it is, but theres a bit more, its not masive but as it's on my spine it hurt a bit, oh and it at the top so i can still have an epidural! yay! xx
  • Im gona have to study this in the morning LOL as were not ttc at the moment went out for my cousins 18th (a meal) would feel to old partying with her LOL) so had a drink!!! L&N LOL at the face features you know what I meant tho!! I will get on this in the morning xx
  • Ok I didnt get the pen & paper cause my friend brought Roxy's sister over today so i've been looking after her all day as she is with her friend who is in labour!!

    Right im gona cut to the chase & see how many of you got me right

    I have dark brown just past my shoulders hair with a fringe, brown eyes tanned/olive skin with a few dark freckles & 1 little tattoo on my back!!

    Who imagined me right?? xx
  • Ooh I don't think I did terribly with you Laujai!

    Here are mine

    I have long straight dark brown hair with a big blunt fringe (and its going a bit grey so now it has to be dyed!), green eyes, am 5"6 so not very tall at all, and thanks to losing my big toenails this summer I have HORRIBLE feet!
  • Laujai i think i got u all good apart from the freckles as i put F to facial features! yay!

    L+N i got your eyes and feet right(lol sorry but don't think many people have nice feet! urgh!) i thought you would have blonde curly hair!!! ha ha ha oops!

    Ok me - (think laujai was closest...) I have medium brown hair, fairly short - can't tie it up AT ALL! it's not naturally straight but i straighten it ALL the time (so guess you could argue the answers on that one!) i have dark brown eyes and i'm actually 5'4"! i have 3 tatoos, lil stars on my belly above my left hip, lil celtic one on my back to the right and one at the top of my spine, and i have 8 piercings, 4 in each ear!

  • I'm rubbish, Laujai I really imagined you as a fair blonde person. And Lottie I only got the straight hair and not tall right.

    Me: Rocky was closest only one wrong. Blonde hair (has been blonde all my life, but needs little help now as roots are dark blonde), and it's long. Have brown eyes (really makes me angry when people think I'm not a natural blonde coz of my eyes :evil: ). Am tall (5'11 1/2'' the half inch is important as hubby's 6' lol). and only the one tat! You guys are right they are addictive I watch miami ink loads thinking about what else I'd like, but will prob just have one or 2 more after kids. The prob is the one I have is a celtic ring around my belly button, which seemed like a good idea when I was 16, not so sure now. When I was pg before was using cocoa butter and bio oil trying to keep skin healthy and stretchy, will be doing same again next time! I'm one behind you Rocky have 7 earrings, to used to have 9 and a nose piercing!
  • he he it's funny cause you imagine how someone will look & then when it comes to writing it down your mind goes blank LOL

    I have a little butterfly tatt on my lower back on the left & a belly piercing but had to take it out for a lap & when I tried putting it back in I had a reaction so cant wear the ring now!!! I love Miami ink, im not addicted as I got the butterfly when I was 20 ish & not had any more but would like another. And Im not a foot person at all no matter what they look like!!! xx
  • I'm with you guys on the feet, i freak out if dh's feet touch me in bed. I cannot imagine why anyone would have a foot fetish, that would turn me right off. I hate them!
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