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pregnancy 1 weeks after miscarriage

hi everyone 

just looking for advice or if anyone has been through anything similar i had a miscarriage on the 16 th march 2022 i was 7 weeks pregnant i was told that during an early scan that the babys heartbeat had stopped. on the thursday of that week i was given a pill to lower my hormone levels by the early pregnancy unit. on the friday at home i passed the baby in the bathroom i was taken to the hospital and told and after a vaginal scan and was told yes the baby i had passed at home came away and took everything with it and i was clear apart from two clots which came away on there own i bled up to 7 days after my mc and was told to do a test after i had stopped bleeding i have just taken a test and i am on week 2 since the mc but the clear blue test is coming up 2-3 weeks pregnant we did have intercourse after the bleeding stopped but i am not sure if this is a new pregnancy or not i have called the dr and they have said it could be the hormone taking longer to go away or something left over from the mc has anyone  got pregnant a week after or am i going crazy as i have a gut feeling that this is a new pregancy but with the drs answer am so confused 


  • Sending love, I went through the same last year and it’s truly hideous ❤️❤️❤️ 
    The HCG from your pregnancy can hang around for quite a while I’m afraid and, because of that, your body can still feel pregnant and you can get all of the symptoms still - it’s incredibly cruel!! 
    I had HCG in my system until about a month past my MC and then had my first period at 6 weeks. You can’t ovulate until the HCG levels go back to base levels and this can actually take up to 16 weeks!! 😳
    Saying that - it IS possible to get pregnant straight away if the levels dropped quickly. 
    Honestly, I’m really sorry to say as I know getting pregnant immediately would be amazing, I think you’ve probably caught your HCG levels on the way back down - I hope not 🙏🏼🙏🏼 but try not to pin too much on it - you’ve been through enough horrible disappointment ❤️❤️❤️
    Get some HCG tests - the easy@home ones are really good and twin up with the Premom app. Take a test every day and see if they get darker or lighter than you’ll have your answer. If you need to talk I’m here - I’ve been there ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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