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7 DPO Symptoms! Anyone else?

Hello - happy to find this forum.
I got pregnant in late January but had a miscarriage at 5 weeks. :(
Now I"m 7 DPO after doing the BD during ovulation last week and have all the symptoms again. Anyone else find these familiar:
1) Generally down mood and hate everyone (LOL)
2) Pelvic cramping
3) Light, low-grade, constant nausea for the past two days (didn't have this the first go-around)
4) Felt that weird prickling in pelvis today
5) Major fatigue 
6) Not eating like usual - today I had a vat of noodles and the frosting of an entemann's fudge cake in the middle of the day - I normally don't eat like that!
7) Not sleeping well at all

Am I looking into it too much? 

Want to hear if anyone had these symptoms that results in a BFP! Or if you're having those symptoms now as you're TTC!

Thanks so much,


  • I should add:
    8) Headache!! 
  • I’m in a very similar boat as I had a miscarriage at the beginning of Feb and I’m now back in the ttw. I have one LG already (she is 21 months) and I was really bad for symptom spotting when trying to get pregnant. I had very minimal symptoms before my BFP. 

    Before my last BFP I knew I was pregnant as I had really clear implantation bleeding on 10dpo was starving and then kept needing a wee in the night which just reminded me of being pregnant first time round.

    this time I’ve had:

    Dull cramping (5dpo-7dpo on and off) kind of similar to how it feels around ovulation
    Mild heartburn in an evening (only ever had this during pregancy but didn’t get it until later last time) 
    Generally feeling sluggish
    Hungry (not unusual for me at this time of my cycle or at any point tbh)
    Some creamy CM (not completely unusual)  

    how are you feeling now? Any more symptoms? 
  • Wow - very similar! Crossing my fingers for you!

    Since I posted, I had a drop of spotting on Wednesday (8 DPO). I have never, ever spotted between periods.
    Then some random crying Wednesday night and Thursday night.
    I have low-grade nausea throughout the day and in the morning.
    More cramping.
    Acid reflux on and off.
    FRER test today at 10 DPO still was a BFN.
    But period is due sometime in the next 5-7 days so it's early.

    Keep me posted!
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