When will it come.....

Hello Ladies,

Well today is 16dpo and CD29 and I still have no AF and am still get BFN's! Tested on 11dpo and again with FMU this morning and still nothing!

It's been 10 weeks since mmc was diagnosed and 4 weeks since i had managed misscarriage in hospital and I have been monitoring my BBT every day ever since and it's rising on a daily basis. This morning is was 37 exactly...yday was 36.9 and the day before 36.8 but still nothing and I no I definately ov'd on CD12/13.

I have no more tests in the house, so am now waiting until next week to do another unless AF arrives before then. I am getting more and more paranoid by the hour (lol). Boobs are killing me and are huge, dizzy spells are getting worse, I have had bouts of nausea and I am a ratty as hell...poor OH must be as sick as a chip...coz I keep biting his head off.

How long did it take for you ladies to get your cycle back after an MMC? I was as regular as clock work before mmc but am still sitting waiting like a lemon for her to make an apperance! I no I'm impatient


  • I don't have the answers hon and everyone is so varied in their cycles returning to normal etc.

    But I didn't want to read and run! Stay positive and remember, you're not out until AF comes.

    It's really soul destroying getting continuous BFN's, I know it's easier said than done, but try and have a day or two off from PingOAS.

    Lots of love xxx
  • Thanks hun! I'm staying away from the sticks until next weekend....coz ur right it's awful getting BFN's all the time.

    Hope we both get BFP's soon!

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