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What to expect when pregnant for the first time

My body has been going crazy since my husband and I began trying to conceive. I’ve always had very regular periods but they have been out of whack since trying to conceive. I spotted for about 4-5 days before the due date of my period in January and March. Then, my period still came. It was much lighter than normal for March. I had never experienced tender breasts as a symptom during my cycles. For mid January to the end of March my breast were very tender without ceasing. I had dizzy spells and was exhausted during that time as well but was never pregnant.

This month my period was supposed to begin Saturday April 16 but I had absolutely no sign of it coming. Then late Saturday night, maybe even Sunday morning, I went to the restroom and saw blood when I wiped. I put on a pad only to waste it because what came out over the course of a full day was only enough to cover a panty liner. Yesterday and today I wiped and saw very light pink a couple of times but not every time. 

Has anyone else experienced these abnormalities while trying to conceive?
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