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So I had my implant out the 12th April, I had a positive ovulation test that morning ( before it was even taken out) so I think the test was wrong, since then I’ve had a period from the 15-18th April, my ovulation tests have never been positive, yesterday I started having egg white mucus, clear, the evening it went to light pink, ( I tested and the ovulation tests were negative ) I’ve now got abdominal cramps horrible low back ache and the pain radiates to my right thigh, I’m just not sure if this is ovulation pain or implantation? I know it would be pretty impossible seeing as I’ve had a period but if for any reason I did conceive the day I had it removed today would be roughly 7DPO? can anyone help? I’m so confused


  • That can be common with the implant could be your body getting back to normal I had mine out in Feb and had similar effect also my first period was 5 weeks over due so just because you don't do what I did and get hope up to quick xx
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