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FRER help!


I got this result this looks positive? Or is this what I keep hearing about an evap/indent?! 
My period is due in 2days and it says can be taken up to six days beforehand. ... I also took a cheap test strip tonight after work but it was negative.
I don't know what to think! 


  • Def positive, congratulations xx
  • I'm terrified to get my hopes up! 
    Going to test again on Friday or Saturday before I get too excited. 
    I read some horror stories about false positives. 
    It says to read results after 3-5mins but I went away, made coffee and came back to it so could be longer ! 
  • No it's def positive. False/evap ones usually don't have colour and that clearly does ❤️
  • Having same problem thinkings it’s an evap with the first. Just took the second. I did take first in the am and second in the evening so idk. 
  • @DeannaDFgkQFnv I'd say def positive. It's s lighter in the evening one as you usually get darker test with first morning urine ❤️
  • Yesss! I think these are evap lines for the bottom two but def positive for first. I’m just so confused but have appt for 5/24. 
  • That is definitely positive. This was my positive on a FRER and clear blue rapid. Can BARELY see the lines, but I knew that I could. Everyone else said they couldn’t. Take a clear blue early detection digital for a confirmed positive. I have done a digital weeks indicator today (a week before my period) and that has confirmed it without being an early detection test x
  • Thank you all so so much! I was literally devastated at the last two after looking at the first. The line grew darker after time so I assumed it was evap. 
  • Just get a digital for piece of mind x
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