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How often do you have sex when ttc

The hearts represent the days me and my partner have some day multiple times is this to much? My implant was removed 15th of February and still nothing I no can take a while and we just enjoying each other but feels disheartening when I test negative xx


  • You want to save his sperm for right before or as your ovulating! You don't want him to be "weak sauce" when the right time comes. That being said plenty of ladies have fine luck just going at it like rabbits.
  • You also probably want to get some ovulation tests off Amazon, there's one that comes with pregnancy test strips and its only like 20 bucks for a bunch. Those apps aren't really the most accurate (I know my tracker is always off by like 5 days)
  • Aw thank you just seen this! Xx
  • My last two pregnancies was only twice in my fertile week on ovulation day and just before 
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