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Missed period, negative test?? Help!??

Hi ladies, I would love some help, past experiences and thoughts!

We are not actively trying to conceive but taking a 'if it happens' sort of stance to try keep it relaxed and trust when it happens it will be the right time. 

We had sex on the 5th April (what I think was my peak ovulation date) and again on the 12th April. 
My period was due on the 19th April and its usually 3 days long. I have had no period, no spotting or any sign of it arriving!
I dont usually get period signs besides perhaps a little bloating and occasionally cramps the day it arrives.

Ive had no pregnancy signs apart from insomnia but tbh think im just stressing about this! And did have a little nausea yesterday evening and headache a day before. 

My period was due Tuesday, 
I tested Wednesday evening - negative
I tested Friday morning - 4 times! With different tests as my tesco brand one looked like a faint line but I wasnt sure if it was an evap line. All tests were negative apart from again another tesco one with this odd line. For clairification these tests were clear blue, 2x cheap ones and 1 tesco own brand. No digitals. 
I tested this morning (Saturday) with clear blue this was still negative. 

Im now 17 days post ovulation and have now fully missed my period. Ive never missed a period so am very confused!

Im going to test again Tuesday as this is 7 whole days since I was supposed to get my period but can anybody help explain why I might have missed my perios if im not pregnant!? And if you think I could be, what else can I do and how many more tests do you think I should do?

Help, im so confused!


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