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Help! Unknown ovulation, bbt chart

I am part way through my cycle and cannot figure out if iv ovulate or am about to ovulate. None of my opk sticks are positive and I am testing twice daily. I had lots of signs leading up to day 13 (wet mucous, high sex drive) but my temperature has only risen a little. My temperatures at the start were the same temperatures I was getting after ovulation last month, so really high. Makes me so confused!  Please have a look at my chart and tell me what you think. 


  • I think FF isn’t sure because your increased temps aren’t higher than your pre ovulation temps. Has the last couple of days cleared anything up?
  • Yess, I think iv ovulated now either day 17 or 18 :) alot later this month but yay. We didn't have sex much around this time as my partner was sick but fingers crossed! 
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