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Ovulation tests

What tests do people use that are really good and reliable, I have used the clear blue digital advanced but they are so expensive. Also how many times a day should I be testing and how long after the last day of my AF should I start testing for ovulation


  • I just tend to buy a box of cheap ones off Amazon. Got 50 for about £8 and used 37 this month 😂 

    How long is your cycle? My usual one is 26 days so it’s recommended to take them from about day 6. Just add a day on to that for each extra day of your cycle. I start by doing one mid-morning, mid-afternoon and before bed to try and work out when my LH is surging. So for example, this time round I actually always got a line in the morning but barely anything after midday so I then tested in the morning to see how it was progressing. I got to high and then low once before it went high and then peaked and then after it peaked I kept testing to see it come down to low so I could be confident with ovulation x 
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