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Hi everyone I’m new to the TTC community and would really appreciate some help I’ve been trying for a few months so like many have taken a lot of tests. However last month five days before my period was due I got a very thin line! Thought it was an evap….. this cycle came around and on the test five days before my period again and I’ve got the exact same mark on the test for a second time on the exact same day of cycle! Has anyone had this experience?


  • It’s hard to get a good pic but this was this one and last month!
  • different light?
  • Hey! I had the exact same as this. I’m 8 days late but I’m not getting any clear positives! Did you retest? X
  • Unfortunately this month I’ve had no luck!
    I spoke with the GP and the response was “ Advised that tests could have been false positives or possible very early pregnancies that didn't continue, advised its hard to say but just looking at the tests 
    Recommended to wait to take her pregnancy tests until her period is late and ensure to follow the instructions carefully on the pack- advised the digital ones are probably the easiest to use. 
    Recommended that she continue to take her prenatal vitamins, especially folic acid 
    Recommended using a conception calculator to help with getting pregnant 
    Advised if this keeps happening or she has any other questions or concerns, etc... to get back in touch and we will do a referral to gynaecology at that stage 
    Patient was happy with this plan”
  • I’ve never tested five days before AF. Had one of those lite lines when testing the day before AF
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