help please TTC after MC

Hi Ladies,

We decided to try again this month but i need yer help.

I MC on the 18th of April so do i class that as CD1?
If so i usuly OV CD10 and am now on CD 14 and haven't had a smily face yet!!! is that normal? does that mean i'm out this cycle? or did i OV earlier?

If anyone has any ideas i would be soooo grateful



  • your cycles might be longer now hun... after my mc it took 5 weeks til i got AF and im normally a reg 28 day cycle... yeah u do count it as cd1 from the day u mc or for me it was the day i had my D+C... u might be ovulating later this month now due to your mc! good luck hun xxx
  • thanks for thr reply. that makes sence what u said.

    should i keep testing?

    also congrats again on ur BFP sending u lots and lots of sticky baby dust.

  • thank u image theres no harm in testing hun but dont be disapointed if you dont ovulate this month cos most people dont in their 1st cycle after miscarriage... i dont think i did!! which is why i didnt fall pregnant the 1st cycle after mine cos im normally very fertile!! hope u do though! image x
  • might wait then, no point in wasting CB tests as the are soooo expensive.
    have u told anyone about ur BFP or are u going to wait a while?

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