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Did I ovulate?

Struggling to figure out if this could have been ovulation? 
Does anyone has experience reading those things?
I did this first thing in the morning..


  • @Inni the lines on the ovulation tests need to be the same colour or the test line darker than the control line to be positive. None of those look positive as yet xx
  • Thank you! That is kind of what I feared too but had some wishful thinking that was fooling myself..
  • @Inni it is the most frustrating thing waiting for ovulation at times. Take the tests a few times a day as they start to darken to ensure you don't miss peak. I used the clear blue digital ones with the smiley faces and they were fab. I then used those wee stripes alongside them... Obsessed much lol but it worked 👏 xx
  • Thank you!! Better luck next month.. I read now that it is better to take them around midday rather than first thing in the morning 
  • The clear blue ones you take first thing and the others you take later in day yes ☺️ good luck xx
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