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Negative Blood Test 9 dpo

I did a pregnancy blood test this morning, 9 dpo/6 days before expected period and it came back negative. From what I understood online, a blood test can detect pregnancy 5-8 dpo, but I live outside of the US so it's possible the test they are doing is different than the one they are talking about in English sources. Under my test results, it said that the test was meant for women a few days to 2 weeks after their missed periods, I didn't know that until after I had already done the test. I've been having pregnancy symptoms for a few days now. The test showed that I have <5 BHCG (not sure if that is different than HCG). 
Am I just crazy or is there a possibility I'm pregnant, regardless of the test results? Should I bother wasting my money on home early detection pregnancy tests?
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