first af after erpc - how much blood?!

I will apologise now for far tmi, if you are squeamish don't read any further:

I am having my first period after erpc in December, I started 3 days ago and am really worying that I'm going to bleed to death! (perhaps a bit dramatic, but you get the point). I have never had really heavy periods but I am constantly bleeding and seem to spend all day changing my pads. I just went up for a bath and by the time I had stepped from the toilet to the bath it looked like a Saw film had been made in the bathroom (well on the floor at least),

I can feel it as I'm losing it which I never usually can and everytime I stand up its like a gush of it.

Has anyone elses been like this? I really don't know what to do, I don't want to go to docs incase they think I'm some nutter who can't even cope with a heavy period.

Thank you, and sorry again if tmi, but I thought the more info I gave the better advice you could offer image



  • Sammi I have not had my first AF since my D&C but if I was you I might give the NHS direct a call and see what they say; that way you can get a medical opinion before ringing the docs. Hope it gets lighter quicker!!
  • Hi hun

    I found that my 1st AF after 1st mmc was very heavy & painful I was told it was expected as I hadnt had a period for 6 months!! (that was including the time I waited for it to arrive after erpc)

    I also had a pg in Oct & when I had my 1st AF it was heavy & so was the 2nd after that I was on for approx 11 days with both. That time the reason I was so heavy was cause I still had pg tissue that hadnt passed as soon as I passed it the bleeding was lighter.

    If your concerned I would speak to the epu or your GP just to make sure.

  • I have had 3 AF's sence my mc and all three have been horrible! i keep hoping eather i become pg or it slows done soon.
  • Thank you ladies, I'm glad the detail didn't put you off replying.

    I have never had a period like this, every time I move I can feel it and it's making playing with my son difficult as well image

    Thank you for your advice, I am going to see if it slows down any and if it's the same on Friday I'm going to doctors.

    I hope my next one isn't this bad gussie, it really is driving me mad.

    Thank you again :\)

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