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Faint line on tests.

Faint line on my hCg tests. Wondering if anyone has experienced this? If I am pregnant? 


  • I think it could be a positive. Would it be early on? I’d wait a couple of days and do it again. With both my pregnancies the tests started like this. Good luck! X
  • Hi, thanks for replying. It would be very very early on as my last period was only 2 weeks ago… x
  • Got everything crossed for you! X
  • When I tested the day before AF yes, very early. 
    Whereabouts in ur cycle are you? 
  • Hi, 
    my cycles are so irregular so it’s very hard to keep a good track… 
    I had a period 15th-19th april..
    and another spotting 2nd-9th may.., 
    I’m not sure what to think. However, I did a hCg test 2 weeks ago and it was completely clear….
    and then this one on Thursday morning… 

  • Are your cycles usually like that, short? 
    So you’re 20 days into yr may cycle? Did you DTD b/w now and then? 
  • Yes they are, they vary from time to time. And yes I did. 
    I’ve worked it out on an app from my last period and it says I would be 2 weeks and 5 days… 
    would this show a faint line? X
  • I’d say that’s about when a faint positive could turn up, I hope yr next test is stronger. 4/5 of mine have. I’m 41 & experienced my first chemical pregnancy in January. Probably stress and age related. 
    Sending baby dust for sticky bean. 
  • Thank you so much. I’ll update on Monday once I’ve done another 
  • By my LMP, if we conceived this month, NZ time, hopefully EDD February 8th. 
    We DTD CD8, 11, 12, 18. 
    My LMP 5/4-5/10. 

    You’re 2 days ahead of me. 
    Say you DTD CD9, you could be 12DPO & technically get a lite positive. 

    I conceived on DTD CD8, got lite positive on CD24. 
  • I really hope it gets stronger!
  • Has your line gotten stronger since first faint line? 
  • I’ve not tested this cycle. 
    Unfortunately due to breastfeeding I am irregular. So not going to torture myself this month. I did 7 BFN last cycle. 
    I’m 41, I’ve been pregnant 5 times, 4 successful. January was my first not sticky bean. Usually testing the night before AF due and I’d get light positive. Tested earlier in January because I knew ewcm on CD9 was odd for me, I’d spent my first night away from breastfeeding 2yr old, bedside vigil for my dying mother, found out I was pregnant CD24, started bleeding CD26, my father in law dropped dead CD27, my mum died 10 days later. 
    I kinda felt the stress, anxiety disorder and almost having a panic attack the day before the pregnancy became unviable, played a part. 

    I soo suspect I O’d CD14, going by cramps ewcm and nipple sensitivity during breastfeeding. Today’s CD18, not even two weeks since DTD, I am planning on testing next weekend. 
  • I should assume you’re USA? 
    Since 5/4 is my LMP, we’re a day ahead of y’all so yr LMP being 5/2, is actually closer to my cycle this month lol, that’s the 3rd here & I started 4th here yr 3rd. Sigh I may have estimated and counted your days wrong my kiwi calendar. 
    You’ve got a faint positive there it seems. That’s a great start 
  • Anyway wishing the best for you. It’s 11pm & I should get myself to bed. 
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