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Opinions please??

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I took two tests, one on the day of my missed period, and another today, two days later. The first test came up with a faint line, (which I thought looked like an evaporation line, so I ignored it). I’ve been having cramping and nausea and bloating for about four days, and keep thinking I’m coming on my period, but I haven’t come on yet. I’m getting a digital one in a few days if I haven’t come on by then. But what are everyone’s thoughts about this result from today? I’m supposed to wait five mins to read it, (3-8 mins is the ideal reading time), and then discard the test after ten minutes. The times are scribbled on them for reference. I feel periody and don’t want to believe it’s a positive, although I hope it is. But I’m going to wait a few more days as it is early and peri-menopausal, (so I might just be skipping a period). But what are your thoughts on these pics? Do you think they’re positive or evaporation lines, or false positives maybe? I just expected the line to be darker and thicker and more colourful, that’s all.


  • id say positive! Mine looked like that to start with 
  • I would try a first response if you can get one. Good luck! 🤞

  • id say positive! Mine looked like that to start with 

    Thank you, I hope so x

  • I would try a first response if you can get one. Good luck! 🤞

    Thank you, I will try that brand next time. Just going to allow a couple more days, just in case it’s a menonpausal thing

  • I'd say positive 
  • Sj83 said:
    I'd say positive 

    Thank you, I really hope it is, and that it sticks. It’s an anxious wait. X

  • Well… Drum roll please… I did another test (different brands) and I’m pretty sure I am actually pregnant. I am so happy but I am also terrified! I am over 40 and I know there are lots of possible health complications, (I have a 35% chance of miscarriage at my age). I am seeing the doctor next week and taking each day as it comes. I am trying not to get my hopes up, just in case everything goes wrong! The worst part is, because it’s such high risk, I can’t tell anyone except you guys. If it goes wrong then people are going to be upset. I need to wait until the thirteen week marker. But this is definitely a positive isn’t it? I photographed it at the five minute mark, (which is when you’re meant to check it).

  • @Oldbuthopeful That looks positive to me, congratulations! Best wishes ❤️ 
  • Oh congratulations @Oldbuthopeful (your username made me chuckle!). 
    We have a little Due in Jan 23 group over here if you fancy it - no pressure to post, but feel free to check it out. 
  • Thank you fairycake and danielle xx
  • Congratulations 🥰

    I’ve family that had babies in their late 40’s, focus on the opposite no#65 chance of sticky bean. Sending sticky baby dust
  • Thank you mummylovesdeeply. I will try to be more positive. Xx
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