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Strange OPK


I am wondering if anyone has an answer or any idea what is going on. I use premom to help me track my ovulation. 

At 04:50 first thing when I woke up, it says low at 0.60, negative. Then I worked out, and at 05:23 I tested again, it says high at 1.21. Since then i’ve been testing in the afternoon, night & next day. All low, negative. Is that possible? Or was it just a false positive? I also only have peak but no high. 

I have all the symptoms, sore nipples, horny husband, metallic taste in mouth and ewcm.


  • hey @Zy. these lines look normal assuming these are OPKs. Your 4:50 am line looks like it would be "high". the rules are as long as the test line is equal to or darker than the control line then you have a positive test and should expect to ovulate within 12-48 hours (I'm giving the broadest possible range here because you will see different ranges based on where you look). These tests measure levels of Leutinizing hormones (LH) in your body. LH doesn't consistently stay high. it surges for a day or two then decreases. This is normal. This is why you see a decrease in the line afterward. once you get that positive test try to BD for the next three days. Keep in mind that ovulation can only be verified by measuring your basal body temperature (BBT). it increases and remains high after ovulation until AF.
    let me know if you have any more questions. Good luck on your journey.
  • I understand. I just found it strange how I only have 1 positive opk (after being negative for an hour before) and the following hours and days they’re all negative. I have always been positive for at least 2-3 days in the past. I guess there’s always a first time. Thanks for your answer!
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