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Pink discharge after sex

Hi. I had a baby back in September of last year shes 8 months old now. Me and my OH have been trying to conceive for a few months now but this month was a very strange month during the 2ww! so I started with cramping a week before my period and I only ever get cramps the day before or the day of my period I also got some light spotting and all sorts of other symptoms which is unusual for me as I only ever get cramps and headaches the day before or the day of my period I also got a massive cold that I passed on to my whole family in the middle of may and I havent had one in about 10 years (weird). anyway I came on and came off 4 days later, I usually bleed heavily for 5 days. I dtd with my OH yesterday on cycle day 8 and tonight cycle day 9 I had a bit of pink discharge on the toielt paper, twice now its occurred, I also got like a stabbing pain when I stretched which was painful! I'm just woundering is this normal? has anyone else had anything similar and what was the outcome In the end please? I'm very worried as I'm almost 33. It took me 15 years to conceive my little girl and unfortunately had a few miscarriages along the way. Please can someone advice I'm a little worried. 
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