Is It Possible?

Hi Ladies, hope this isn't a silly question....but is it possible not to ovulate one month?

Since having my ERPC, I've had 3 periods, all of my ovulation testing I had the smiley on CD digital ovulation kit at CD15, its CD16 today and no hint of a smiley yet!!! :evil:

Could I just be ovulating later this month or is it possible to skip ovulation one month? Also, if I ovulate late, does that mean AF will be late too? Help!

I could just be being my usual impatient self and my little smiley will appear tomorrow! Hope so! image


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  • Z I had this problem last month I usually ov around CD 16/17 I got my smiley face on CD20..... Cost me a fortune!!!!!! Hang on in there you may just be latter this month. It all depends on your LP time from ov to AF what ever that normally is add that after ov and that will give you your cycle my LP is 14 Days so ov CD20 and so am on a 34 day cycle!!!!!! Hope that makes sense. However it is possible to have upto to months a year with no ov but I am sure you will. Hope you get your smiley soon x
  • Hi

    I ovulated last last cycle at cd18, I would have expected to ov cd14/15. So my af was later too. Exactly 14 days after ov.

    This month I've ovulated early on cd11 so I am assuming my af will appear on cd25. But I could be wrong?! (obviously hoping for no af and a bfp!)

    I find it all very confusing but I let my cbfm taking the stress and uncertainty out if it for me! I should be on their payroll the amount of times I recommend themimage

  • Thanks for replies ladies, you're right Kat, its all very confusing! If we don't fall again by Xmas time or just after, I might invest in a cbfm! Are they very difficult to use though?? Zxx
  • Hey

    they are easy! I was worried before I started using mine that it would make me obsessed but quite the opposite.

    You just start it the first day of your cycle at a time you can test each day with fmu and you can test up to 3hrs before and after this time. So I do mine for 7am then I turn it on every morning when I get up, it then tells you if it want you to test. If it asks for a test you test you fmu the put the test stick in the machine. It takes 5 mins to read it then shows you are either low, high or peak (ovulating). We bd every other day in the high (everyday if the mood takes us!) and every day of peak.

    I buy all my test sticks from eBay so it doesn't work out too expensive.
    I just think it takes all the stress and uncertainty out of ov testing.

    Good luck babes

  • Hi Kat - thanks for info. Think its def worth considering one. Good luck to you too sweet. Zxx
  • Arghhhh! What's going on with my body this month???

    CD19 and still no smiley, last 3 months have had smileys on CD15!!

    Why is it changing all of a sudden??? Running out of tests and its getting expensive now....! :evil:

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