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5 days Implantation bleeding or AF? BBT drop, rise and drop

Hello, this is our 2nd TTC cycle after a miscarriage on April 6th. 2nd month I'm using Clomid 3-8 DC and Estradiol 9-14 DC.

My cycles are pretty regular, around 28/29 days, with no major symptoms. Temps are also regular, no big shifting. Only drop on AF day (Pre-O 36º-ish and Post-O 37º and higher).

This month I O'd on D14/D15 and, on D16, my temp has risen.
We BD'd on DC11, 12, 13 and 16. AF should come only tomorrow or next day.

So, this cycle:
Dc 24 (9DPO)- Temp has drop from 37.19 to 36.94º and at 6PM, light pink mucus.
Dc 25 (10DPO) - Temp has drop to 36.9º and darker mucus.
Dc 26 (11DPO) - Temp has risen to 37.01º and jelly-like darker mucus.
Dc 27 (12DPO)- Temp has risen to 37.03 e darker mucus.
Dc 28 (today - 13DPO) - temp drop to 36.77 and pink spotting.
I've posted this month chart so you can check it out.

I don't know if this is important, but on 5dpo, when I got out of the bed, I've felt dizzy and nauseous. Headache since then. And left side pain, even though I think I O'd on the right side.

Also BFN today. But as the drop spike was today, could the Implantation be only today with 4 days of spotting? Or is it early AF (assuming the first day of spotting)?

I've had spotting on the cycle I've got pregnant, but it was only at 14-16 DPO (DC29-31).

What do you think?

Thank you!

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