Just read this, what do you reckon

Medically speaking, your body needs time to recover from the miscarriage. It takes this much time for your uterus to recover and for your endometrial lining to become strong and healthy again, and ready for the task of carrying a baby to term. If your body isn't ready for another pregnancy, you run the risk in repeating the miscarriage. Two to three months is typically enough for your body to recover.

I know a lot of you have started ttc again straight after without even waiting for first af, have you been successful and not had mc etc, would you hold back after reading this?


  • hi there,

    I have read this before and ihave decided to wait ttc, i kind of feel that the medical advice is there for a reason and it is there to help you. However it is up to each individual to ttc when you feel ready. I have decided to wait so my body does have time to recover but also i feel that it is too quick for me to try again. I cant comment on whether trying early can cause another mc as i have had the one. This is merely how i feel and everyone has a different opinion, its just what feels best for you.

    kate x
  • We tried straight away. First cycle was 7 weeks long, than I had two cycles without success. On the third and fourth cycle I did have an early miscarriage. So no I think the advice is not for me. If I would have waited the two or 3 cycles I would still have had an early miscarriage.
  • I've also heard this advice as well...
    After my mmc in Dec, i went for an internal exam - very uncomfortable. It showed that u had a bulky uterus and walls of the uterus were inflamed... After this my gyn told me to wait for 2-3 months..
    We however ttc'd immediately the bleeding stopped but no luck as yet...

    That's just my two cents..
  • I've also read this somewhere too. I think we are going to wait until I have at least had my first AF, op was 3 weeks ago today, so hoping in another week or so she may turn up. Fingers crossed my cycles return to normal!!!. Zxx
  • hello, sprry to G/C from DIN, but wanted to check how you were lampikat, hope you are ok?

    I had a MC in Jan and after my internal, to check it had all passed through ok, I was told I only needed to wait for 1 normal period. Think it's mainly to let your hormones settle and to be able to correctly date from your last A/F. The advice is so confusing, and it's different to who you talk to.

    Remember thou you need to be in the right mind as well as body, If i'm honest i'm not ure I could have tried straight away, that month gave us a chance to be able to come to terms with everything. xxx

    Good luck xx
  • I have just had my first AF since mmc and we are ttc again. I am really scared of it happening again though and sometimes I question if it is too early but my body appears to have returned to normal and i doubt I will fall this month as I need to work out my cycle. I think I am ovulating any day now but I havnt got any ov kits and no signs yet. I think it may take a couple of cycles to work out my dates to fall pregnant.

  • Hi all,

    Just read this and my heart sank, even though I suspect it is very sensible advice and should go with it. I visited the EPU this morning to have confirmation scan that everything is gone and although thankfully there is nothing left so I don't have to have the op the midwife told me they recommend waiting around 2 cycles to allow you and your body to recover. I don't want to wait but OH also says is sensible and I suppose it is.

    That said, you know your body and your own mind so I still say go for it when you feel ready - as everyone always says there is very little you can do to avoid MC if you are basically healthy, don't smoke/drink too much etc so

    Good luck with whatever you decide Lampiekat
  • Hi all,

    It is very strange how different doctors/nurses etc tell you different things. Thats the first time i've read anything online really.
    The nurse/midwife at the EPU i went to last week for my internal said wait after next af.
    I've only just stopped bleeding 2 weeks after actual mc.

    I'm still having up and down days, mostly up luckily, have about 1 down day a week (some of you may have read my other post from this morning)
    Even though i do have the sad down days, deep inside i am so desperate to start trying again which really is powering over the lonely feelings.
    I just want that pregnant feeling, the feeling tired, even the nausea!! Just knowing i have a little one inside of me. So i guess that means i am ready to start ttc.

  • Hi Lampiekat

    The advice you get can be very confusing. The nurse when I had the erpc said we could start again as soon as the bleeding stopped. Then about a month later I went to see my GP about a urine infection brought on by the erpc and he told me to wait 4 months!

    When my mum had a mc (early 80's) she was told to wait 6 months to give her body time to recover.

    It is very confusing and really doesn't help when all you want to do is feel happy again. I think maybe you just have to go with your instinct.

  • lampiekat.. hey there, did you have an internal scan? i have to have one on saturday and wondering what to expect xxx
  • Yes i did sally,

    It's a bit uncomfortable as they move the probe around inside to get views of uterus, womb, ovaries etc. You have to have a completely empty bladder so they'll ask you to go to the loo first.
    It was very uncomfortable at one point when they were looking for my ovaries to check them esp on the side that the pains from the mc started, i had my internal scan exactly a week after the mc itself.

    I also had a trainee doing mine (overseen by the actual nurse/midwife) so took a little bit longer than probably would have done.

    Hope it all goes ok for you xx
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