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Evap line help!

Has anyone had much experience with evap lines? I seem to get them every month and I know once the time is up the best thing to do is chuck the test away and forget about it but I'm sure we're all guilty of a sneaky peek every now and then 👀 I try to maintain rational but this month I've done 2 tests where the evaps have appeared right before my very eyes before my timer has run out. It's sending me mad. Is this normal? I'm almost 100% certain they're evaps as they're colourless and ridiculously faint but it just seems too cruel they're coming up at around 2-3 mins on tests that say to check at 5 mins. I even took a test apart this eve so I could be sure I wasn't just seeing lines but the line is definitely there, it came up before 5 mins but I know it's an evap. Help please before I go completely nutty x

I've attached a pic of the test I took apart, edited so the line is more obvious. I should also add I had a loss last October and ever since then I've got evaps every month without fail just to twist the knife. I don't remember ever getting one before that. 


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