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2 days early, what a ........


Yes AF arrived 2 days early this time. I half expected her to come as this was the first month of ttc again and I knew I couldn't rely on my cycle being the same as it was before my MC but still I'm gutted image

She came late last night and i simply broke down. Hubby was a star and it gave us a chance to really talk. He didn't know how much ttc meant to me but now he does and he feels the same. In fact he said not a day went by that he didn't think of our little Smartie that we lost in May.

I'm going to try and stay positive. i have bought some OV strips of the internet so will be prepared this month so let the rollercoaster beigin again;\)


  • Hi Shelley, its so hard to think about anything other than getting pregnant. It has certainly taken over my life. A month feels like years. Im sure you will get your BFP in the coming months but know thats a small consolation just now. I bought prenatal vitamins yesterday, even told hubby he had to take them to. I MC on 5th July at 9 weeks, have no idea what my body is doing now, and im 40. Have given myself another 8 months, then will accept its not meant to be(thats the plan). Fingers crossed that we both dont have long to wait. Your not alone xxxx
  • Big Hugs Shelley.......stupid bitch dare she show her face!!!!
    Glad to hear your keeping positive and OH and you have been able to talk about it. I hope the OV strips work for you. I've still got fingers crossed for my BFP this month but to be truthful I don't think we've BD'd enough. I think I might try temping next month if Af shows her face......this month I have only used CM as a guide and a rough guess at dates as like you I'm not totally sure my cycles are back to normal.
    Anyway hun keep your chin up...onwards and upwards xx
  • Hi Sue....
    What is temping??? I'v seen you mention it before and was curious
  • I haven't had a go at doing it yet, but as far as I know you have to take your temperature first thing in the morning before you get up everyday throughout the month, then a spike in temperature signifies ovulation so you know when to BD, I also think temperature post ovulation can give you an indication as to whether you'll get BFP. Try googling Basel Body will prob give you a more accurate explanation than I can.
    There are some online charts you can use to chart the temperatures, i know a few people use fertility
    I just think this might be easier than peeing on a stick everyday! and less just need a themometer that is pretty accurate and its only a half degree ish rise in temp I think
    Hope this helps
    Sue x
  • Thanks Sue
    It seems easy enough to do I might give it a go. I agree it would be less hassle then weeing on a stick but will be doing that as well.
    Hopefully the hubster wont be on nights this time around as the 0400 BDing didn't seem to work!
  • Hi Shelley and Sparkles
    I temp and its great as you can really see when you have ovulated. I have a digital farenheit thermometer that I brought from amazon and its on my bedside table. I take my temp before I get out of bed every morning. I find that my temp dips a little prior to ovulation and then raises dramatically afterwards. If your temp stays high it can indicate you are going to get a BFP. I use to chart my temps. Its great as you can add other details too like your cm when you bd and any opks or cbfm readings. Although I still pee on a stick in the week leading up to ov as temp really only shows when you have ovulated! Hope that helps
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