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TTC July 2022 ☀️

Hey ladies, 

Ive been MIA for a while having bloodwork and scans to try and identify the drivers of my PCOS. Also had frequent episodes of heavy spotting for the past 2-3 months, Drs still don’t know what the cause is, suspected to be PCOS. 

Nothing else abnormal going on other than increased androgens in blood and PCO on ultrasound. Last BFP was Jan 2021 which ended in MC, no bfp since 😓
Last cycle was 61 days long, no ovulation. 

This cycle is going quite well so far, no spotting at all 🤞🏼
My body is so strange! 

Not quite sure what to think of my chart really, very rocky temps, FF seems to think I’m 3DPO based on bbt and fertile signs but only time will tell I guess! I’m not totally convinced on a CD15 ovulation, it seems far too good to be true! 😅

How is everyone else doing? 


  • Hi lovely oh wow I hope this is your month 😍 I did an ovulation test this morning and got this so I’m hoping it goes darker the coming days and I get my peak. My period was june 3-7th and hadn’t had any lines at all this month… also having negative pregnancy tests so I thought could my cycle just be longer (implant out in may so pretty messed up!) so I’m hoping it’s the case and I’m now going to ovulate. Keep me updated with how you get on! X 
  • Hey hun, thank you I hope so too! Will carry on temping and BDing every 1-3 days just in case FF is wrong! Oh okay, this def looks like a long cycle for you then, I know it can take a few cycles for things to regulate after coming off BC sometimes. Fingers crossed your OPKs get darker and you catch your peak! I’d use them too but they’re unreliable for PCOS 😞 so bbt it is for me 😅 Are you TTC your first? xx
  • Hi lovely hope you’re doing well! They got darker and darker then a few days later AF came so I was really confused! 😂 no this will be my 2nd baby 😍 but my first was a pill baby and wasn’t planned so I’m new to the whole tracking and trying thing.. how about you? X 
  • Hi hun, I’m ok. Getting impatient! Cycle day 30 today. How are you? Oh that’s super confusing, I guess here’s to a new cycle for you then! Have you tried temping at all? I’m ttc my 3rd baby. My first was a surprise, my second we tried for 8ish months but I never had a positive OPK that cycle or “caught my peak”. This time Im trying BBT as OPKs don’t work for me thanks to PCOS, I always get positives or close to now 😕 It looks like I haven’t ovulated yet based on BBT, I had tonsillitis last week and a course on antibiotics so that really messed up my temping and fertility friend app has now decided I haven’t actually ovulated yet. Temps still very Rocky 🙄 I’ve got another pelvic ultrasound on 1st aug to see what’s going on in there again. Fingers crossed they can see it I’ve ovulated by then 🤞🏼 xx
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