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So frustrated

Ugh I just need to vent! 

I've had a history of irregular cycles since 2020. I had 3 before conceiving my DD and then they returned to normal immediately after having her (and the cycle she was conceived was on track to be normal too) 4 months later I found myself pregnant again but that resulted in a loss at 8 weeks. Since then it's been haywire. I've tried tracking but wasn't committed 100% as trying to time ovulation tests when some cycles have been 50+ days long is just too disheartening. But the last 3 cycles were 28-30 days so this cycle I was on it - tracking my temperature consistently and starting opks on cd12. I'm now cd22 and no sign at all of a positive opk. My temps are very up and down, my chart looks like a heart monitor 😂 I'm just so frustrated that I thought my cycles were getting back on track and I was armed with opks at the ready and now I'm just back to square 1 🙄

So anyone else who's body is taking the micky out of them feel free to vent too 


  • Hello, please try to keep the faith. I too have irregular cycles so ttc with a looong cycle really is disheartening and I get that. 
    My only advice that I can share that I think could benefit you is to do the things you need to/want to do like opks and temping, but try to just do it and then keep busy and distract yourself with other things until the point where u no u r fertile. No go ogling or overthinking about it just move on if u can once u have done the physical test. It will come but its sometimes such a stressful wait if you are thinking about it and testing and temping more than once a day.
    I dropped the temping all together as I don't see the use if I'm doing opks anyways. It can't tell me anything more from my experience until Yr pregnant and it stays high.. Even then tho it doesn't tell u any faster. 
    Try to get Yr mind on other hobbies or other focus'. I promise you the wait won't feel so bad. Best of luck getting your cycles back on track xxx
    I'm aware this is all easier said than done so please don't hate me lol I too should take my own advice
  • @Herestohoping thanks for your input! I really appreciate it. It's so frustrating when you're not sure how to time things, I keep thinking I'll stick to just one test etc or maybe even stop for a while to cool off. But then I have a free moment or one test looks a little darker so I'll go back to doing more in the hope of catching it. Forever the optimist 🙄 like you I know what rationally I should do lol but it is hard to take your own advice. How long have you been ttc? Sending you baby dust 🌟 xxx
  • Hello again. Lovely to hear back! I have very irregular cycles. First I had one miscarriage, then I successfully had a little boy who is now 15 months. Sadly I've just had another early miscarriage on the first month of trying for baby no. 2. After my first miscarriage it took me over a year to conceive so its been kinda stressful and have had to learn a whole level of patience with long cycles... I do appreciate it can take ppl a lot longer but I have to say my experience hasn't been easy. Over the moon to have my little gorgeous guy and I hope I've day we will welcome another, currently ttc.
    How about you? What's your journey so far. Wishing you only the best dear and I've been looking for someone to chat to about this tough weight for ovulation every month so it's nice to meet you! X
  • I'm so sorry to hear about your losses. I really hope it doesn't take you so long this time for your rainbow baby 🌈❤️ it is such an emotional time ttc I find. One minute I'm so positive and the next I'm bawling my eyes out 😂😭 our stories seem so similar! My daughter is 15 months old tomorrow! We were quite fortunate with her and fell relatively quickly. It took 3 cycles of actively trying but my cycles were so long it felt like forever. It really didn't help not knowing why or what was happening. Then there was the 2nd pregnancy when we weren't trying that was a total shock but sadly wasn't to be. Ever since then it's been back to square 1 with irregular periods but not just long in length now but also having spotting randomly at any point in my cycle. My luteal phase seems to be really short as well so I'm very concerned there's havoc going on with my hormones - I lost the pregnancy in Oct last year and I haven't had a single normal cycle since. I've had tests and nothing really seems to explain it either 🤷‍♀️ lovely to chat with someone who is similar too! It can be quite depressing I find on some threads when everyone knows when they're ovulating x
  • Lovely to hear your journey and I'm very sorry about your loss too. Its such a sinking feeling and I hope you are recovering well. I really wish that your body settles too, and comes to a new normal. I guess the only way for us is the opks and monitoring to maximise our chances. That's what I did for my baby boy and here we are! So it works and we will get there.
    I agree it can be really hard when everyone seems to know their cycle and it can come around twice for them before I even ovulate once over. That's brutal.... 
    My sons birthday is 3rd April seems like they were close together <3 
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