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Impartation bleeding

JayjordanJayjordan Regular
edited Jul 11, 2022 10:19PM in Trying to conceive
Trigger Warning Picture Hi everyone I have 4kids and I think I am pregnant with my fifth child I have had implantation bleeding with 2 other pregnancy I've had alot of pregnancy symptoms with the spotting I am getting I had  on and off spotting since 6dpo I am 10dpo now my next period isn't until the 15th  also I do not spot before my period I just have backaches and it gets dry down there and then gushes out I also should say it's more discharge now it started as just  blood spotting when I whipped and now it's more discharge second picture I took at 10dpo first picture at 6dpo 3rd picture at 9dpo forth picture at 8dpo last picture also at 10dpo also Question ❓ do you guys think implantation can change colors my first pregnancy the implantation bleed changed colors


  • If anyone comments on here just want to say I did  get a positive today it was really faint tho so I will take another one 
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