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Any help on next step after day 21 blood test

Hi ladies! My first post here. 
I have recently done an at home finger prick blood test to test for day 21 Progesterone levels and results come back in normal range of 34.6 nmol. My husband has also had a sperm analysis done and all was fine.
I know I need to go and see the doctor but the reason I did this at home is I have such bad anxiety with doctors so I thought if I could do this first part myself it may help me.
What are likely to be the next step that doctor will advise with the above results having both been normal?
I should add, we have been trying for over 2 years now, are both over age 35 and I have regular cycles, periods and have been testing my ovulation levels each month for about 5 months now.
Thanks so much in advance for any wise words :) x


  • Hello 👋 

    We had the same tests done, and like yours, our came back 'normal'.
    TTC number 1 took us over a year and a half, and we are now onto cycle 8 for number 2. Feels like it's not going to happen again :/

    I honestly think that the first time took a while because I wasn't tracking ovulation to start with. Are you tracking? I was a month off 37 when I had our first, and it is hard to start to panic that age is a factor, but every medical person I met during pregnancy told me I was average age. 

    If I can help at all with your journey then please feel free to message xx

  • Aww thank you so much for your kind reply. I really appreciate it. Can I ask please what the next suggestion was after your tests came back normal?

    It’s been over two years for us now. I started tracking my ovulation and LH levels about 5 months ago and feel like I’ve got to grips with that now. I’m cycles seem to be very regular! 

    Sorry to hear you are having a struggle for baby number two. Sending you lots of wishes that it happens for you soon.

    how old is your little one now? X
  • Hi, he is almost 22 months now, it's gone so fast!! 😳

    Well we didn't do any follow up after they had said all was normal, we just gave it time really...I'm sorry that doesn't help! I try to be more relaxed with it all, but that is much easier said than done isn't it 😩

    I really hope that you are lucky. The wait is just awful, especially when you're told that on paper all is well. Makes you start to think why us?! 

    Keep in touch xx
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