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Ovulation tests

So I took a test last night before bed and it was negative. Took the clear blue this morning and came up with a static smiley face. Just took another ovulation test now and it’s negative. Have we missed my chance?? Day is day 14 of my cycle. 


  • That's confusing. Sorry you are having this frustrating thing going on. I would have sex anyways.. Just cover it in case u r ovulating and the clear blue is right. 

    After a few tries using those clear blue  flashing and static tests I really couldn't get away with it or trust it tbh. With the steps you can see the darkness so I keep it simple with cheap ov strips. Might be a tip of u r open to that. I do however use the link cb digital sticks. I like those because u r either yes or no and they have proved to help me get pregnant a few times now by always having sex when they are positive. 

    Hope this is helpful. Cheers
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