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14 days late… BFN

I track my cycles and they range from 29-40 days. Well right now I’m on day 44. Probably easiest to do this in timeline fashion:

day 1: began period
day 11 (roughly): DTD but he did not finish 
day 32: CM is like dry with some white sticky goo-like stuff coming out and dries up in my panties quickly. Continues for a few days
day 39: negative pregnancy test (although admittedly was 7 months expired…)
Day 41: sore breasts and CM is now pretty abundant and very wet. Lymphnodes very swollen (even in neck!)
day 42: SO SICK. Nauseas, pee every 45 minutes, body is sore, have to take a nap am so fatigued. Cramps begin.
day 43 (today): still have mild to moderate cramping. Absolutely zero blood not even pink. CM is still pretty wet and creamy and fairly a good amount of it. Cervix felt low and hard I think. Slightly sore breasts. Otherwise not nauseas or tired. Feeling overall much better today.

any ideas? Should I try another test? Honestly I feel like with the timeline of having DTD and the cramps and other PMS, I feel like it’s so low chances I’m pregnant. But could I have cysts I should be going to the doctor about?
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