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Chemical pregnancy??? Confused...

Hi, I am TTC. Had sex on Days 12 and 14 of my cycle. On days 19-21, I started noticing morning nausea and headaches (and I am NEVER nauseous, so this was pretty exciting...). Last evening (evening of Day 21), I started spotting. Over night it became very heavy bleeding. Now today (Day 22), I have very heavy bleeding, lots of clotting, and moderate cramps. My cycles are regular: 27 days. So all this bleeding on Day 22 definitely seems odd.
Everything I read about chemical pregnancies indicate that it's usually seen as a heavy period that is about a week or so late. Why would I be having all this bleeding and clotting almost a week early? Is this just a really early chemical pregnancy?
I never took a pregnancy test because I wasn't very close to the day of my period, so I don't have that info.
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