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struggling today! ; (

hi ladies,

Im struggling a bit today...hence not getting a lot of work doing...

just wanted to let off a bit of steam......AAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

thank you

x x x


  • Anytime purplebubbles, let it all out!!

  • PB hun,

    Here is the best place to let it out so go for it chick.
    We do understand xxx
  • PB hun,

    Here is the best place to let it out so go for it chick.
    We do understand xxx
  • Can I join in have also been feeling a bit bleugh this week!! ARGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    Thanks for that!!!

    Hope it helped you PB xxxx
  • thanks ladies,

    you guys are great - group hug all around.

    had a little cry earlier and did feel better afterwards,

    it doesnt help that I hate work and cant help but count down the weeks util I was due to go on mat leave - only 4 weeks away! I so thought Id be pregnant again now!!!!

    anyway Im about to finish work and go home to my gorgous hubbie -- and hopefully do some baby dancng (well after we've been to asda!!!)

    hope you're all ok,

    lots of love

    x x x
  • Hey PB

    When was your edd? Im sorry hun, were both feeling crap for the same reason, our 3rd lo wouldve been due end of March, and im struggling a bit too at the moment.

    Glad the cry helped a little

    Hugs xxx
  • hi ya Laujai,

    I was due 6th May, and had already agreed with my boss that I would be leaving at easter for 4 weeks leave before mat leave started.

    I keep thinking that I should be sitting at my desk with a big bump just winding down from work.

    it sucks doesnt it,

    how's your week hun? you feeling any better?

    I wish I could wave a magic wand for us all,

    x x x

  • Love the fact that you are going to Asda first! It is crap and I think dates are the worst I should be having my 20 week scan next Tues and know I will struggle with that! Hope you enjoyed your shopping and your BDing brings your BFP really soon!
  • Hi PB,

    I know how you feel - my EDD was 7th May and so many people I know are due just before or after that and its heart wrenching to watch their bumps grow and them go off on mat leave. I'm still not pregnant either, so here's a big hug and we've still got a couple of months, so fingers crossed ad lots of PMA that we get there x x
  • hi ya ladies,

    thanks for you're lovely comments.

    AF got me last night, so I get I was just extra hormaonal the last few days.

    Muffin - yes Asda always gets bme in the mood for BD'ing!! he he

    hi ya Bleurgh - gosh we were just one day apart. Im the same there seems to me loads of peopel expecting in May - I have to keep reminding myself that it will be our time soon and it will be so special x thank's for the PMA hun, yes you're right we've still got a good few months so lots of baby dust to you as well.

    x x x
  • Sorry she got you hun. i know how you feel those days and weeks coming up to your due date or mat leave and thinking what should of been and that you though you would be pg again by now! i certainly did and i'm still bl**dy not! GGGRRRR, hope u had fun at asda! xxx
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