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8 dpo, medium-heavy bleeding.. what's your experience?

Hi there, just wanting to know others experience with a similar situation to mine. I am now about 9 dpo. Two days ago I started having very specific cramping in my mid-upper left side of my uterus. Then yesterday the cramping got a little more intense, but not as bad as my usual AF symptoms. Then I started to spot halfway through the day, very light pink-brown. Then by the evening, around 9pm it became rather heavy. I was having all the early pregnancy symptoms, some of which are indistinguishable from pms, but some that are definitely new. Some strange things like, very intense, vivid dreams, specially tender breasts, intensely emotional, nausea & burping (which only happened when I was pregnant in the past)... Today, I am bleeding bright red with mild cramping. I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and tested positive. At this point, I have no hope, but I'd love to hear others stories. 


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    Hi, what did it end up being ? 
  • @WindUp-B - It ended up being a very strange period, I suppose. Started early, only lasted about 2 days. Then had a more normal period about 17 days after that. I guess I wanted a baby so bad, my body was feeding my delusion haha.
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