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Husband taking Sulphasalazine

Hi all,

My husband and I have been ttc for 3 cycles. The first 2 cycles my husband was taking sulphasalazine for his arthritis. We were told that this medication would affect his sperm temporarily. He still wanted to take the medication because of his pain so we just decided to try anyway even though we knew the chances would be very low.

Since speaking to his rheumatology nurse my husband has since come off this medication because the nurse said it can take 12 weeks to get out of your system and for sperm to return to their previous health.

What I would like to know is has anyone had experience similar to this and what happened?

My husband has been off the medication for 5 nearly 6 weeks and I'm hoping this cycle might be the one or am I being unrealistic and like the nurse said it will be more like by the 12 week mark?


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