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Trying to conceive after I lost a baby

Around a year and a half ago, I became pregnant by accident and this caused a lot of friction in my relationship, however we managed to move past this and became very excited. At week 20, I became very unwell and I was told that I had developed a womb infection which had led to sepsis and that I needed to terminate my pregnancy. 

Since then, it has been very up and down but we have finally decided that now is the right time to begin trying again. I thought I would be excited with the whole process but my anxiety has been so high throughout trying, constantly googling at night, feeling anxious and sick all the time, tracking my ovulation and becoming obsessive with the whole process. 

It has taken a huge toll on our relationship and I think my partner is struggling to know how to support me. 

Is there anyone else who has been through something similar? Are there any tips of advice that you can give that might reduce my anxiety around it all? 


  • I had a mc b4 we conceived my son and the anxiety will slowly subside throughout ur next pregnancy ❤️ just gotta keep ur head up.....  Wishing you lots of baby dust 
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